ARIADNEplus (2018-22)

The ARIADNEplus project established a research infrastructure for archaeological data, which is building on the results of the ARIADNE project, extending and supporting the research community, developing relationships with key stakeholders such as the most important European archaeological associations, researchers, heritage professionals, national heritage agencies and so on. ARIADNE covers all archaeological domains, archaeological sciences such as palaeoanthropology, bioarchaeology and environmental archaeology, and all periods from the appearance of hominids to present times.

The ARIADNEplus data infrastructure includes a Virtual Research Environments where data-based archaeological research may be carried out, a searchable catalogue of datasets including unpublished reports, images, maps, databases and other kinds of archaeological information accessible on line (ARIADNE portal). The project is making innovative services available to users such as visualization, annotation, text mining and geo-temporal data management, and developing and testing pilots. ARIADNE also offers Transnational Access, training and good practice guidelines.

What is ARIADNEplus website.

The work of ARIADNEplus goes on through the ARIADNE Research Infrastructure AISBL.