Repox Flow

The CARARE metadata repository (Repox Flow) provides a store for the metadata aggregated from CARARE content providers and offers services including metadata validation, enrichment and delivery to Europeana.

Repox Flow holds the CARARE content providers’ metadata and performs a number of functions:

  • Metadata is received from either the CARARE MINT Service or directly from partners who have enabled an OAI-PMH export in EDM or CARARE schema format.
  • The metadata is then ingested into the repository
  • Metadata provided in CARARE schema format is transformed into Europeana format (EDM)
  • The metadata is validated and statistics/reports are made available.
  • Enrichment services are made available. For example keywords may be exported for mapping to Linked Open Data resources; datasets may be enriched with mapped keywords etc.
  • The metadata is published in an OAI-PMH repository and made available for harvesting by Europeana.