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Organisations and individuals with an interest in the digital archaeological and architectural heritage are welcome to join CARARE!



  • Receive advice and support in publishing datasets to Europeana.
  • Access to documentation, guidelines and training materials on CARARE pro.
  • Join the CARARE register of expertise.


  • Participate in CARARE workshops and events.
  • Benefit from CARARE's cooperation with Europeana, ARIADNE Plus, Time Machine and ViMM and other organisations.
  • Opportunities to participate in EU funded projects.


  • Monthly briefings with news and updates from CARARE, members and related projects.
  • Promote your events through CARARE's online calendar and social media.
  • CARARE logos and publicity materials.


  • Members shape CARARE's activities and where we are heading.
  • All members have a vote in general meetings.

What happens next?

Once you have completed the registration form below, your application will then be reviewed by the membership committee. Most applications are accepted by the committee. We will contact you as soon as they have met. If your membership is approved, we will ask you:

  • to confirm that you understand CARARE's memorandum and articles of association and the rules and by-laws set out in the governance handbook;
  • to agree to guarantee the debts of the company limited by guarantee up to a maximum of 1€;
  • to pay the annual membership fee.

Any questions?

Please contact Kate Fernie with any questions you may have.

Please complete the registration form

Membership categories - the categories and annual membership fees reflect differences in size and the per capita GDP of the country (based on analysis by the IMF) as follows:

Group 1 - Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK
Group 2 - Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovak Republic
Group 3 - Albania, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzogovena, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Moldova, North Macedonia, Serbia, Turkey, Ukraine


A. Larger institutions with 25+ members of staff
Group 1: 200 euros
Group 2: 150 euros
Group 3: 75 euros

B. Smaller institutions with 1-25 members of staff
Group 1: 100 euros
Group 2: 75 euros
Group 3: 50 euros

C. Individual members
Group 1: 75 euros
Group 2: 75 euros
Group 3: 50 euros