The recording of the webinar “Cultural Heritage in 3D: Data capture and modelling in action” is available now!

17 Aug 2023

This webinar which took place on the 5th of July is the third in CARARE's series on Cultural Heritage in 3D and offers an introduction to 3D data capture and modelling for movable and immovable Cultural Heritage.

The webinar began with a welcome and an introduction to the topic by Catherine Anne Cassidy, Digital Skills Officer at CARARE.

Next Matevz Straus of ARCTUR gave an introduction to 3D data capture and modelling for sites and buildings, covering laser scanning, photogrammetry and the use of drones to capture images. Matevz explained image processing techniques, how the information in over-lapping images is used to capture 3-dimensional shapes and how these shapes are processed to create 3D models.

Ivan Erhel of TheFactStories and Tiago Costa of Doppel described how the Tech4Heritage project is involving and training the local community in Iraq in digitising their heritage to create 3D models of archaeological sites and objects which can be shared with the wide world.

The final speaker Lorena Aldana of Europeana gave a brief introduction to the TwinIt! campaign and the event closed with a question and answer session.

The video recording of this webinar is available on CARARE’s Vimeo channel and you can view it below here: