T4H in action: digitising the Iraqi heritage

TECH4Heritage is a project that aims to train local Cultural Heritage staff in Iraq to create and share 3D models of archaeological sites and objects. The project is financed by the EU, under the Creative Europe Programme and runs from January 2023 to fall 2024.

The first of five planned T4H training workshops took place in the ancient city of Babylon from the 12th to the 16th of March. Ten trainees learned how to capture data on site using photogrammetry, followed by creating the 3D models. Trainees collected data from the site of legendary antique city Babylon, as well as on the site of Borsippa, which ziggurat has been mistaken for the Tower of Babel until recently.


The workshop was a great success according to Tiago Silva, 3D trainer, who was very much impressed by his trainees: "Never before have I felt such a thirst for learning, such a need to take action to digitise heritage". Trainees from Babylone will continue to collect data and share their 3D models from their region. When all of the other workshops are completed, they will join trainees from all around the country.


The next two workshops will take place in Nasiriyah in the south and Mosul in the north of Iraq respectively.

As CARARE is partner in TECH4Heritage and wholeheartedly supports its goals and inclusive approach, we will keep you posted on developments.