Looking back on the event to shape best the world of 3D

World of 3D_2.PNG
On the 29th of June, DANS-KNAW organised "Shaping the World of 3D", an in-person-only workshop, in the context of the 4CH-project, in which both DANS and CARARE participate.

This workshop's main themes were the (re-) use and management of 3D content and the coordination of initiatives. CARARE's Kate and Henk prepared the presentation "Managing 3D cultural heritage: standards and metadata", which Henk presented and discussed in the workshop. The presentation focused on challenges and recommendations regarding the management of 3D content: How can you keep your 3D content FAIR? Not only in the short term, but in the long term as well.
Some 25 creators and users of 3D research datasets, managers of 3D data projects and providers of services in the field of management of 3D datasets, attended this very interesting workshop.