Digital Acropolis Museum: new site launch

The Acropolis Museum has launched its new website, providing access to its digital collections, multimedia applications, videos, games and interactive resources for visitors and children.

The Digital Acropolis museum website, which is available in Greek and English, marks the completion of a programme to create 'the Digital Acropolis Museum'. All the artefacts included in the museum's permanent exhibition have been digitised and form part of a virtual experience which allows visitors to search the collections, tour the galleries and access games and other resources.


A search of the collections brings back detailed information about each item included in the permanent displays. A virtual exhibit created in a project with Google Arts and Culture, allows visitors to tour the galleries accessing details about the objects in this way. In addition to the collections and information for visitors, schools and researchers, the museum has also created a website specially for children: Acropolis Museum Kids, which includes games, videos and other activities.


The development of multimedia resources and online applications is complemented by interactive resources made available on-site in the Museum's galleries. Visitors have access to touch screens in the Museum's multimedia centre and there is a Kids corner where young visitors can bring have fun bringing ancient Athenians to life.

For more information about the programme 'Creation of the Digital Acropolis Museum' see: