Call for papers: CARARE session at EAA24

20 Dec 2023

CARARE's session 'Making Connections: Towards Archaeological Narratives in Contemporary Society' has been accepted for EAA 2024. The call for papers is now open! Our session number is #531 and we are under the theme 'the life of archaeological heritage in society'.

Title: Making Connections: Towards Archaeological Narratives in Contemporary Society

Abstract: In today's digital age, people have unprecedented access to online content at home and work, transforming the field of archaeology. Advanced digital technologies are now used for recording, analysing, and sharing archaeological and historical content. Sharing archaeological datasets with open licences enhances their value, benefiting society in various ways. This content has a wide range of applications including monitoring the effects of climate and other environmental and human impacts, supporting the creation of narratives which inform education and tourism initiatives, empowering creative industries and creating a sense of ownership and involvement among people in the management of their heritage.

Talks can address but are not limited to the following topics:

- Real case examples of reuse of archaeological data in society
- Best practices, standards and strategies for making datasets available for re-use
- Barriers and opportunities for reuse of digital archaeological data
- Methods and approaches to reuse in 3D, XR and AR applications
- Connecting with the education, tourism, creative industry and other sectors
- Working with communities

Keywords:Archaeological data, Contemporary archaeology, Applications of archaeology data, Narratives, Best practices

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To submit a paper to our session look for session #531 under theme 3,

the life of archaeological heritage in society