Call for new 3D scholarly editions

21 Feb 2024

PURE3D: The Infrastructure for the Publication and Preservation of 3D Scholarship is delighted to announce a call for new 3D scholarly editions to be developed in its beta infrastructure.

PURE3D, funded by Platform Digitale Infrastructuur – Social Sciences & Humanities, is developing an infrastructure for publishing, depositing and exploring 3D worlds and objects. The idea is to support scholarly editions which take a user-centred approach in communicating research findings with 3D models providing a "text" which can be annotated and enriched. The infrastructure uses the Smithsonian Voyager as its interface and aims to provide a user-friendly and persistent environment for individuals and teams.

The call is for projects from any field in which 3D can be used as a modality for argumentation, simulation, knowledge communication, and hypothesis testing, including but not limited to heritage, archaeology, history, museology, architecture, anthropology, forensics, and engineering.

Successful projects will receive guidance and support from the PURE3D team in the form of virtual workshops, tutorials, and fully-paid face to face meetings. Projects will also benefit from individual mentorship by PURE3D staff, technical and conceptual support, data preservation, and peer-review of their 3D scholarly edition.

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