3D reconstructions for story telling and understanding

17 Feb 2022

The video recording and presentations from this webinar are now available online.

CARARE organised a webinar on Thursday 17th February exploring some of the ways that 3D reconstructions are being used for story telling and to aid understanding as part of its #ConnectingArchaeology series. Following a short introduction by Henk Alkemade of RCE and CARARE, two speakers gave very interesting presentations illustrating their work:

Daniel Pletinckx of Visual Dimension bvma presented on 'Interactive storytelling in virtual worlds' with case studies from his work at Ename, Aardenburg and Fort Lillo.

Catherine Cassidy of the Open Virtual Worlds group at the University of St Andrews on 'Dissemination Methods for 3D Historical Virtual Environments' with case studies from Callanish, Edinburgh, Perth and Downpatrick Head.

The video recording of the webinar is now live on CARARE's Vimeo channel:

The slides from the webinar are now live on CARARE's Slideshare channel: