"Public Humanities" is the DARIAH Theme for 2016: Consortium Calls for Applications

"Our Public Humanities call builds on last year's call (open humanities), because it does not only promote better access to data and other digital resources but also to arts and humanities knowledge as a whole", DARIAH-EU's director Tobias Blanke describe

Conferences, Workshops and Hackathons are supported

Supported events could either be larger conferences, a series of workshops or more interactive events, such as hackathons. Applications have to involve more than one DARIAH Member and "we expect that all theme-related activities also involve at least one outside organisation", explains Tobias Blanke. The initiatives will be supported with a total of €45,000, and DARIAH-EU will support 3-4 initiatives.

The deadline for submissions is Thursday, 31st of March. Notification of successful applications will be made at the end of April, with projects to start no later than July.

The DARIAH Theme

Since 2015 DARIAH-EU’s Board of Directors sets an annual thematic priority, the DARIAH Theme. The idea is to stimulate activities and events related to a topic important to digitally enabled research in the arts and humanities.

"Open Humanities“: DARIAH's Theme in 2015

The first DARIAH theme was "Open humanities". DARIAH received ten proposals and decided to fund six projects. They were funded within the range of 5,000€ up to 10,000€.

For more information on this years Public Humanities Call and formal requirements to submit a proposal download the full DARIAH-EU Public Humanities Call from the DARIAH-EU website.