DARIAH 2017: Public Cultural Heritage - call for papers

DARIAH is inviting proposals from DARIAH institutions to organise events to organise its 2017 theme: Public Cultural Heritage.

The theme focuses on the issue faced by scholars in identifying which rights apply to the sources they are working with, in terms of use and re-use when they intend to publish results. This issue has become more complex as researchers use surrogates such as photos, 3D models, transcriptions and quantitative information.

Proposals are invited from DARIAH institutions to host events - DARIAH has a budget of around €45,000 for this theme, and it expects to support up to 5 initiatives.  Proposals can be for a conference, a series of workshops or interactive events such as hackathons. Proposals should   involve more than one DARIAH Member and at least one outside organisation.

The deadline for submissions is 15th April 2017. More information is available on the DARIAH website.