Call for papers EAA 2018 session #498

EEA 2018
Fishing for Knowledge in a Sea of Data #498 European Archaeological Association conference in Barcelona, Spain on 5 - 8 September 2018.

With the increasing move towards Open Data and Open Access for outputs of archaeological research, there is also a need to develop mechanisms for supporting and improving synthesis, knowledge management, and knowledge transfer of cultural heritage information, for the right audiences, through developing better ways of data sharing along with promotion of useful information standards for heritage information.

This year's EAA annual meeting will explore what are the major shared challenges to overcome, such as potential skills gaps for decision makers, or staff and researchers with limited opportunities to acquire or update technical knowledge along with finding better ways to make the data that we record and keep in digital archives re-useable. 

The EAC 2014 Amersfoort Agenda set out 3 key areas for research 

  • Use emerging digital technologies to share, connect and provide access to archaeological information; this will require improved collaboration and the development of (and participation in) European networks.
  • Encourage cooperation with other disciplines and share data in order to create a shared benefit.
  • Aim for the greatest possible access to digital archaeological resources for various user groups and exploit digital databases to their full potential, including uses for the greater public. 

The session will comprise short presentations addressing these 3 key themes.


The call for papers / posters / other contributions closes on 15 February 2018.

Session abstracts can only be submitted via the conference website

Please contact [email protected] with any queries on the submission process.