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  • DigitalHeritage 2013

    The 2013 European Capital of Culture, Marseille, hosts the world’s largest gathering ever focused on Digital Heritage this autumn. the Congress will for the first time bring VSMM, Eurographics GCH, UNESCO’s Memory of the World, Arquaeologica2.0, Archaeovirtual, Digital Art Week and special events from CAA, CIPA, Space2Place, ICOMOS ICIP, and multiple others together in one venue with a prestigious joint publication. A ground-breaking public display of cutting edge digital heritage projects will also grace the conference venue at the new museum complex on the Marseille waterfront.


  • Conference proceedings

    The proceedings from CARARE's final conference in Copenhagen are now available.

  • Networking

    The participants in the CARARE project has established a strong community over the three years of working together, building up a close network of pan-European colleagues and friends both socially and professionally. A report on the networking activities is now available.

  • Hack4LT

    Hack4LT is the first cultural heritage and digital humanities orientated hackathon in Lithuania inspired by EUROPEANA (the biggest multi-lingual online collection of digitized cultural heritage) and DARIAH (Digital Research Infrustructure for Arts and Humanities) and organized by CARARE pertner Vilnius University Faculty of Communication (VUFC) and Vilnius University Library (VUL).

  • Europeana 25m Objects

    Europeana has celebrated reaching the 25 Million object milestone.