How to join

There are several ways of becoming involved with CARARE.

1. Joining the project to deliver digital content to Europeana. CARARE supports heritage agencies and organisations, archaeological museums and research institutions, and specialist digital archives and will provide an aggregation service to deliver content to Europeana. For information, please contact the project management team.

2. Inviting CARARE to participate in events. Members of the CARARE project will be giving presentations about the project at conferences and events. If you would like to invite us to participate in an event that you are organising, please contact the project communications group.

3. Collaborating with CARARE working groups. If institutions, projects or individual experts would like to collaborate with CARARE working groups, please contact the project management team.

4. Following CARARE on our blog, on Facebook and LinkedIn and joining the discussion. For more information see our Community pages.

5. Subscribe to the CARARE Newsletter (every 4 months). Click on to Register here or in the menu bar at the top of the page. Project partners should also click on the 2nd tick box so we can give you access to the Partner area of the website.

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